New England Erotic Hypnosis (un)Conference 4!

Imagine a space where people from all around the country come together to share their passion for erotic hypnosis. A weekend to share, explore, trance, and be tranced.

It is a place for people who are curious, no matter what their level of experience with hypnosis. People who want to experience hypnosis or learn how to hypnotize someone for the first time are welcome, as are those who have done this for too long to remember.

Where to get the latest info about Recreational Hypnosis events going on in New England

The best place to look is our Fetlife group, found here.

We have a Yahoo group.

There are events from all over the country posted on the Recreational Hypnosis Meetup Calendar.

Some of us hang out on Hypbook

BTW, NEEHU 3 has an awesome site

It may be found here!

NEEHU 3 site!

2011 Flea CD - Digital Distribution!

Experience a variety of different hypnotic trances from NEHG hypnotists on the theme of Arousal!

For best results, listen to these tracks in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Do not listen while driving or if your attention is required on something else, as they are intended to put you into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state.

NEEH(U) 2 hotel information is here!

We will be staying at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites Hartford North/Windsor .
Group code: G-NEEH
Phone: 860.298.8000

Click here for our very own Hyatt booking page!

Room Pricing

NEEH(U) 2 ticketing is LIVE!

It is with great enthusiasm that I can finally announce that NEEH(U) 2 tickets are available for purchase!

Click here to buy tickets!! We are using Brown Paper Tickets for our ticketing!

***We will be checking ID and NELA/Society membership at the door, so use a code only if you've got the membership!***

Early registration dates: NOW - March 15, 2011 12PM

NELA/Society Members: $50
General: $60

Regular registration: March 15, 2011 12PM

NELA/Society members: $60
Code = BLISS
General: $70

Hypnosis Club - Suggestion Show and Tell September 19th

RSVP info: if you have been to a hypno club event at Mephki's house before, RSVPing to this event is sufficient. If you have never been to an event at Mephki's house, you need to send Mephki a message introducing yourself.

New England Erotic Hypnosis (un) Conference

Since NEEHU was such a fantastic success, we are going to do it again, bigger and better!

This event will be similar to NEEHU in that it will be a meeting of our hypnotic friends from near and far where we come together for a weekend to learn and have fun. It will be different in that we've got more time to plan and a larger kink friendly space in which to do our thing. This means that we will be attracting people not only from New England, but from all over the country, and hopefully from other places in the world.

*Event fetlife listing:

Hypnosis Club August 22nd: Eriksonian Language Patterning

Our next hypnosis club is on Sunday August 22nd from 4-10PM. The esteemed Hypnoboth will be presenting on Eriksonian language patterning, and leading us in practice of these conversational hypnosis techniques! This class should be suited for all levels, both subjects and hypnotists will have a great time!

Speaker description of class:

Fetish Fair Fleamarket 35

Hypnotic fun at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket!

Come join NEHG @ the FFF on Saturday July 17th at the Cyclorama!

Come visit our group's table, where you can chat with members of our group, eat a hypnotically delicious cookie, and perhaps even have a nice relaxing trance.

We also are on stage at 4PM for a sexy hypnosis demo! You don't want to miss it!

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