New England Erotic Hypnosis (un) Conference

Since NEEHU was such a fantastic success, we are going to do it again, bigger and better!

This event will be similar to NEEHU in that it will be a meeting of our hypnotic friends from near and far where we come together for a weekend to learn and have fun. It will be different in that we've got more time to plan and a larger kink friendly space in which to do our thing. This means that we will be attracting people not only from New England, but from all over the country, and hopefully from other places in the world.

*Event fetlife listing:
*For discussion pertaining to NEEH(U) 2, use the dedicated NEEHU group.
*The Society's website (read their rules; their rules are our rules)

The focus of our event during the day is the sharing of knowledge and cool ideas. This year, we will have several pre-arranged programming tracks for all levels in the large rooms of The Society. In addition to the program, we will have dedicated space for impromptu "Unconference style" classes if there is something that just happens to come up. There also will be lots of comfy couches and a dedicated trance lounge.

In addition to the all day trance lounge that will be available for the whole convention, we will also be having a meet'n'greet/stage show with other surprises on Friday night, a fantastic play party on Saturday night, and a delicious brunch on Sunday morning/afternoon.

In the tradition of NEEHU, we want you to be well fed and happy at a fraction of the cost of eating at a restaurant. To this end, we will be providing appetizers and non alcoholic beverages on Friday night, breakfast, lunch, and party snacks on Saturday, and the delicious brunch on Sunday.

*No alcohol/drugs/smoking
*No vaginal/anal/oral sex
*No photography

SCHEDULE (tentative)
All events take place at The Society in Hartford, CT. There will be an official scheduling grid up on the NEHG website.

6-8 PM Meet'n'greet with passed appetizers
8-10 PM Stage show and hypnosis slam

9AM Welcome ceremony (mephki)
10AM-7PM Conference (schedule TBA)
9PM-2AM Play party

11AM-5PM Aftercare: brunch, informal teaching, social time, etc.

We will have a group rate at a local (cheap) hotel. There will be room share posts up on the NEEHU group.

We need volunteers! Our convention has a lot of food, and we need help preparing and serving and cleaning. There will also be various and sundry other things that need doing. We will have a few positions available for hardship volunteers (IE you get in for free). There will be a tasty dinner on Saturday night for staff and volunteers who have worked more than 4 hours. Contact mephki ( or fetlife message to mephki